Thursday, 14 June 2012

Visual Food Journal

The National Weight Control Registry is a database of over 10 000 people who have lost 30 pounds or more and kept it off for over a year. The researchers who collect the information from participants hope to find the secrets to successful weight maintenance. One of the factors they found supported long term success was frequent self-monitoring (self-weighing and monitoring of food intake). Although I am not looking to lose weight at this time, except perhaps those mommy love handles! I am hoping to stop yo-yoing with my healthy eating (and lifestyle).

Food journals never work for me - but visuals do. So I am going to start documenting my food intake with pictures. I'll post one day a week here....not as a guide for you to follow (we all have our own food preferences and path to take) but as a way to improve my own mindful eating. Hope you enjoy!

Breakfast part one- Spinach Omelette with Salsa

Breakfast part two - Whole grain toast with homemade yogurt cheese and strawberries

Mid-morning snack - apple with cheese

Mid-morning snack #2 - caught at the hair salon for longer than anticipated, little one fussy and had finished her snack. Ran over to the convenience store next door with wet hair - only options were cookies or chips. Cookies kept the little hands and mouth busy for the rest of the appointment. Normally I would have binged and eaten at least 8 (they are relatively small cookies) but this time read the label and chose four (15 grams carbohydrate...ok sugar)

Lunch - Tuna wrap with salad, quacamole, 5% sour cream, salsa
not pictured - handful of baby carrots

Mid-afternoon snack - blueberries and almonds

Dinner - Grass-fed ground beef cooked in 1Tbsp tomato paste and Berbere ethiopian spice mixture (around 90 grams - most of it is hidden under the salad and tomatoes), green beans, asparagus (snacked on more outside of the plate), sweet potato fries, salsa, sour cream, guac (taco night, I skipped the tortilla but not my family), and green salad

Evening/post dinner snack - plain yogurt, blueberries and chia seeds
Ate a small bowl of my little ones' Raisin Bran cereal when she asked for it then didn't eat any. - not pictured, the temptation to avoid food waste can be my downfall especially with the little ones around!

I also drank 3 x 500ml glasses of water

My verdict - I think I did pretty well with the colours of the rainbow, a little blueberry heavy due to my recent farmer's market haul. Future goal more vegetables than fruit. Met my omega-3 goals with tuna and chia seeds. Drinking the 500ml of water first thing in the morning is helping me get my fluid intake up. Need to remember to pack better snacks and extra for outings. 

How about you? Do you have a strategy that supports mindful eating?


  1. Yum, can I come live with you? Sophie, who eats 1 cup of blueberries every morning, will tell you there's no such thing as too many blueberries :) And thanks for the reminder to start making yogurt cheese again, one of the many things I stopped doing since going back to work...

    1. Sophie and I must be kindred spirits! Love that yogurt cheese...although I often forget to make it too. You are always welcome at my place Lisa!