Thursday, 28 June 2012

Time to ReBoot

I knew I was in danger of my hare vs. tortoise behaviour. Last week I felt I was doing really well following through on increasing my total vegetable and fruit intake, choosing healthy protein choices and limiting the sugar/refined carbohydrates. I had more energy and generally felt more positive. A few nights of bad sleep, thank you to my adorable toddler, and I started into the cereal. I have an addiction to boxed cold cereal. I rarely can stop at one bowl. Even if it is Bran Flakes that I buy, one bowl leads to another. I love the combination of cold cereal and milk. Once I started with that I noticed I was craving more grain products. Rather than preparing the whole grain products that fit my real food philosophy (quinoa, brown rice, whole grain couscous, barley etc.), I reached for the whole wheat bagel, whole wheat toast, whole wheat tortilla shell. I know technically these fall under the "whole grain" category. However as one reader pointed out, whole wheat bread has the same glycemic index as white bread, which will still give me that refined carbohydrate spike and drop of blood sugar. These choices were closely followed by delicious homemade pizza on the BBQ (white flour) and white pasta. I'm not going to stop the homemade pizza my husband treats us with, but when I include multiple of these grains in a day it starts to displace my vegetables and fruit and I need to find a balance there.

I know there is a growing movement out there of people who are questioning the role of grains in our diets. I have on my to-do list to read their arguments and come to my own conclusion. All I can say for now is that when I eat whole wheat bread products my vegetable and fruit intake suffers and I have less energy and am more moody (my poor family). I guess I need to follow my personal food philosophy, listen to my body and choose the real food whole grains.

How about you? Do you have a food item that sets you on the slippery slope away from healthy eating? Do you have a strategy to get back on track?


  1. Hi I found you through Simplybeingmum!
    I do think westerners eat way too much wheat. It's unbalanced. But the big thing with me is dairy. I believe we focus too heavily on cow's milk products. There are too many reasons why a diet heavy in cow's milk is not a good idea, from hormones and antibiotics, to the feed and water supply of the animals, to the large proteins being difficult to digest, to the milk sugar that many can't digest. So, cow's milk is my issue with diet. (But I do love cheese!)
    We need balance in all things. If you look at the typical western diet you find too much wheat, dairy, sugar, and soy. A little of each is okay and often good (except perhaps refined sugar). Just my opinion.

  2. Hi Lili,

    I had a look at your blog. You have some great frugal ideas! I loved the idea to make sunflower seed butter in place of peanut butter. I have my brother coming to visit who has an allergy and we use a lot of peanut and almond butter in our house. I may have to try it out!
    I agree that the North American diet is heavy on the dairy, wheat, sugar (and corn). Whenever I saw clients who had been to see a naturopath I found that invariably they had been told to cut out the wheat and dairy. As a result they had increased their vegetables, fruit and lean proteins and felt much better.
    I love my yogurt and cheese but do feel a bit conflicted as to where I stand on dairy. The dairy industry spends a great deal of money promoting their products as the primary source of calcium in our diets. This is on my list to think about further as to where dairy stands in my personal food philosophy!
    Thanks for the comment.