Tuesday, 26 June 2012

He Says Gelato, I Say Ice Cream

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It's summer time and I love going out for a walk, especially one that has a stop that includes ice cream! Have you noticed recently that the typical ice cream shops with the large white buckets are being replaced by cafes with sleek stainless steel rectangular trays mounded high with fancy looking gelato? Ever since my over-indulgence in Rome (had gelato 3 different times in one day!) I have started a love affair with the rich tasting ultra smooth dessert. I was curious as to the difference between the two.

Similar to ice cream, gelato does have a dairy base, but it uses more milk than cream, which makes it lower in fat than ice cream as well as total calories. They also whip less air into it, which explains the denser texture and intense flavours. This also leads to more sugar than ice cream. With my genetic pre-disposition to diabetes limiting sugar is one of my top priorities to reduce the work for my fragile pancreas. Does this mean I would pick ice cream over gelato? Nope, I just would make sure to enjoy the kid sized portion, because honestly with the flavour intensity of gelato a couple of small spoonfuls and my taste buds are satisfied.

Some of the fruit flavored gelati (plural for gelato, those Italian lessons did teach me one thing!), do not contain a dairy base and are technically called sorbetto (sorbetti). Due to the elimination of the dairy, these do not contain fat, but are even higher in sugar.

Recently a frozen yogurt shop has opened on the street near me. Their nutritional information is not available on their website. I think that means time for a reconnaissance trip! I'm sure my girls will not complain.

How about you? Do you have a preference for ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt? Do you always have some tucked away in your freezer or do you leave it for special outings?

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