Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Confessions of a Sweet-Toothed Nutritionist

Years ago when I told friends and family that I was switching my major in university to nutrition their universal reaction was, "you?...in nutrition?....oh really?". I was known for my love of sweet and salty low nutritional value foods, in other words, junk food. My grandmother would send me $5.00 for my birthday and tell me not to spend it all in the candy store with a wink. Friday nights with my best friend in high school consisted of a movie, a McCain Deep and Delicious cake, a bag of chips and assorted bulk bin candy (no rebel party animal here). Several years later I don't receive birthday cards from my grandma anymore and my junk food buddy lives thousands of miles from me. I would love to say that my years of higher education has transformed my eating habits and now I practice what I preach, but I can't. Although there has been improvement I still feel far from that ideal healthy eater everyone assumes I must be when they find out I am a nutritionist. Over the years I have kept promising myself that tomorrow I would magically transform my diet. 

When I was pregnant with my second child I developed gestational diabetes. I followed the diet relatively strictly, maintained normal blood sugars and gave birth to a healthy girl. I was convinced that this diagnosis was the motivating factor for me to overhaul my diet and maintain these healthy eating habits for good. I lasted a week. My daughter is now one year old and I continue to have that nagging little voice in my head that I need to get serious about eating better not only for myself but also for my daughters. 

Looking back at my failed attempts to transform my diet I realize that when it comes to change I am a hare, not a tortoise. In other words, I race out of the starting gate with excitement and passion, then run out of steam quickly and return to my previous habits. So I've decided this time around I am going to approach healthy eating like a tortoise, slow and steady, one small change at a time. In my years as a practicing nutritionist I have realised that we are faced with multiple healthy living choices a day. So I've decided to start this blog as a way to document my family's tortoise journey to healthy eating and living, one small choice at a time. I hope you decide to join me or at least cheer me on from the sidelines.


  1. Hey, I made it into your blog (ok, so I'm referenced as the bad influence on you!). Glad to hear you are making positive steps towards the health and nutrition of your family. Hope you inspire your friends & family to do the same :-)

    1. Not bad influence per say....more of an enabler (is there a difference?). Hope one of us gets on a plane soon either east or west! We can do a Friday night movie night - maybe skip the cake though.